Get to know us

Our precious and alive sourdough starter was brought into being in the glorious summer of 2013 in sunny Otaki, New Zealand.

Our mission is to preserve the ancient tradition of sourdough bread making.

First, we make it authentic - at home. Handcrafted. The 'old fashioned' way, at least 1500BC old.

We do our best to keep it local - by searching the local farmer's markets for quality New Zealand produce.

Then, we keep it simple - no yeast, no additives, no preservatives.

Finally, we know that Rome wasn't built in a day - so we don't rush our bread and let the dough ferment at least for 12 hours before we even think of baking and making it edible.

Easily digested, nutritious and flavoursome are all ways you will hear our bread being praised. Staying moist and fresh naturally, is what makes this bread the game changer you didn't know you needed. Pies? We make pies too. Other foods subject to availability.

Fresh bread is the only bread we sell - thus keeping our deliveries local to the Auckland area only.

"I've been eating this beautiful bread for more than 5 years... I'm slowly turning into a human being!"

"Superb selection of loaves of bread; all of which are authentic, flavoursome and fresh. The best place to get European style bread & savoury delights."

"Great tasting healthy bread, with a European twist. They also have organic bread available."

"Yummy real bread, and lovely people."